Alien Masks

erformance at GLASSHOUSE ArtLifeLab.
Alien Mask - Kino
Male alien mask made from reclaimed cardboard packing molds.
Alien Mask - Ixtel
Female alien mask made from reclaimed cardboard packing molds.


Gendered masks designed and constructed for performance.
Location: GLASSHOUSE ArtLifeLab, Bushwick, Brooklyn March 21, 2015.
Materials: Reclaimed cardboard packing molds, el wire, zip-ties.

Rave Monolith

Rave Monolith
Rave Monolith Hanging Light Installation, 4×8 feet

Complementary color light sculpture.
Location: The Revolution Earth Initiation warehouse event, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn December 12 2014.
Materials: 32 reclaimed cardboard egg pallets, dual reclaimed programmable LED spotlights, zip-ties.

Solar Cinéma

Solar Cinéma
Solar Cinéma

Off-grid video projection, 72 hour runtime.
Location: Alien Acres, Preston Hollow, New York July 18-21 2014.
Materials: Solar panel, sound system built from reclaimed wine boxes and reclaimed television speakers, pico-projector, four layer mesh screen from reclaimed polyester curtains, airplane cables, metal pipe frame crafted from reclaimed vintage tent poles, reclaimed half-dome beach tent.